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The WBC helps clients at any stage in their business determine what the next step is for growth. Here are some ideas for how you can grow your existing business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Recruit the right people and delegate day-to-day operations. Step away and strategize how to grow your business!
Find talented people who match your company culture and pay them well. Create an employee-first philosophy and implement flexibility to accommodate their personal lives.
Schedule and prioritize, use tools to be efficient and build in white space.
Establish a roster based on need, then recruit for diversity of expertise and perspective. Vet and invite members sharing expectations, purpose and deliverables.
2015 WCF Insurance Logo cool GreyUtah law requires all businesses that hire employees to obtain a workers’ compensation policy. For workers’ compensation purposes, an “employee” is anyone, including a contractor, subcontractor or contractor laborer, who works for an employer in providing the goods or services of a business.

To obtain a quote, go to If you have questions, please call WCF Insurance at 877-319-2348.

Estimate future sales and expenses, adjust for impact of marketing plan. Look ahead and avoid cash shortages and maximize opportunities to earn more, spend less or both.
Increase prices as well as additional value/offering that does not add to your cost. Consistently raise prices in intervals and inform customers ahead of time.
If business savings are not available, consider friends and family, build trusting relationships, and utilize your banker, vendors, government programs and/or crowdfunding.
Find those with specialties that match your needs, especially other women business owners. Determine your need(s) and make friends with and ask other owners who have had success in that area.
Ask acquaintances for introductions and take advantage of opportunities to meet and talk to new people, especially at place or groups that business ownership gravitate to.
Determine which strategic partnership might accelerate your business. Arrange for an introduction or interact with and get to know them. Build a good rapport then share your clear idea and the mutual benefits for both organizations working for a win-win.
Equal balance is not possible, but take care of yourself first, ensure support in your business and in your family, use technology to save time, prioritize, set boundaries, and make it work.
Either through trade secrets or patent.

Trade Secrets: You internally safeguard your unique design or process from being shared outside of the company.

Patent: You publically share with and receive authorization from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to exclusive make, use, or sell an invention.

Business Consultation

Free, One-On-One Business Consulting

Our professional business counselor provides individual counseling sessions that are tailored to the specific needs of the entrepreneur. These informal sessions provide guidance and practical business knowledge that will help to increase the client’s potential for success. Counseling sessions cover specific areas ranging from concept feasibility and business planning to startup assistance and business growth.

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In-Person & Online Training

The WBC strives to provide free or low cost trainings on Business Planning, Marketing & Sales, Management, Government Contracts, International Trade, and Finance.