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The WBC walks clients through the basics of starting a business. Those include: evaluating their business idea, brainstorming possible sources of revenue, various types of capital investment for their business, legal entity structure, validating their business model, registering and licensing their business and their launch. We help women build confidence in themselves and their business viability.

Steps to Starting Your Business:

Frequently Asked Questions

Evaluate the potential for success: Be clear about what problem or pain your UNIQUE product or service solves, who will buy it, how you will market to them and if you can make money at it. Watch SCORE’s video series on building a business model canvas and then write your own using our downloadable template.
Download our Business Model Canvas
Participate in WBC’s FREE Jump Start: Intro to Entrepreneurship training to get an overview of planning, marketing, establishing, and managing a business.
Brainstorm business names that represent you, your UNIQUE product, and speak to your target audience. Then, check availability and reserve it ($22) with the State of Utah.
Yes, it is your plan of attack. A business plan will assist you in organizing business details and provide a road map to follow as you get started. (NOTE: lenders require a business plan with realistic cash flow projections)

The first step to writing your business plan is understanding the business climate and potential by researching your market, industry and competition. Succinctly write 8-10 pages in 3rd person, clearly describing the aspects of business that show potential for success. Meet with our business consultant for help starting, reviewing, and editing your business plan.

Download Business Plan Template
Biggest challenges are adequate funding, work / family time constraints, impact of living without benefits and compensation, support from family, and simply courage to do it. Overcome these challenges by finding unique ways to reduce startup expenses and find funding, coordinating with work / family commitments, and looking at the worst case scenario. If the worse case scenario is something you can handle, then go for it!
Not learning about and accessing FREE helpful resources, taking on too many products, being unclear about your uniqueness, and ineffective marketing. Additionally, wasting money on unnecessary expenses or making costly mistakes without a mentor.
Determine your unique way to support a worthy cause, register as a Utah nonprofit corporation, then file with the IRS for tax exempt status. Build a great board of directors who can help fundraise. (NOTE: Run it just like a well-funded business, but successfully do good with all revenue.)
Research what you need to purchase to get started, include state registration ($22-$70) and city business licensing fees. Additionally, calculate what it will cost to operate until you start making a profit, including cost of goods, and fixed expenses.
“Bootstrap” by paying for it yourself. If not possible, look at other sources close to you such as family or friends. Finally, look at loans, investment or other options. (Note: Get to know your banker/credit union and consider microlending)
Grants are typically for nonprofits; therefore, there are extremely few for women starting businesses. However, we suggest you search for grants and competitions in specific industries or your immediate community.
Zion’s Bank – Smart Women Grants
Business Owners’ Idea Cafe Grants
Discover what the perceived value of the product or service is or should be to the target audience. Ensure there is a margin to make a profit. (Note: If customers comment on your wonderfully low prices, raise them until they are content with value vs. price)
Whether it’s through a website or social media, it’s important to have some sort of online presence where clients and potential clients can learn about your business.

If you do plan to sell online, you absolutely need a user-friendly website. Make sure you have an online location that is accessible and helpful to your target audience to maximize sales. Website can be an easy way to gain exposure and accessibility 24/7. Remember that a website needs Search Engine Optimization and that social media is driving website traffic.

Social media marketing is a very effective way to interact with and engage your target audience, and drive sales. However, a successful marketing strategy includes a diverse range of ways to market and promote your company. Consider best ways to interact with and remind your target audience that you exist.
Determine the group of people or organizations with the problem or need your product or service solves. Find out as much about this group as possible. This information will help you determine pricing, and how to market to them most effectively.

Demographics: Gender, age, marital status, location, education etc.
Psychographics: Lifestyle, habits, passions, preferences etc.

Market research is the process of gathering and analyzing information in order to assess the viability of your business. You can access published research data and perform focus groups, surveys and product testing. Great places to get started:

  1. Sizeup
  2. Google Trends
  3. Your local library
Consultation is always FREE, no matter how many appointments you have.
The Women’s Business center has one physical location at the Salt Lake Chamber in Salt Lake City and many virtual locations around the state, mostly on Chambers of Commerce websites.

Salt Lake Chamber
175 E 400 S Suite 600
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Enter the guest parking lot at 175 East off of Westbound 400 South in Salt Lake City. Pull up to the parking machine and press the button; take the dispensed ticket and after the arm is raised, pull forward and park. We will provide validation at the end of your visit.

Business Consultation

Free, One-On-One Business Consulting

Our professional business counselor provides individual counseling sessions that are tailored to the specific needs of the entrepreneur. These informal sessions provide guidance and practical business knowledge that will help to increase the client’s potential for success.

Counseling sessions cover specific areas ranging from concept feasibility and business planning to startup assistance and business growth. If you are just starting your business, please attend our Jump Start training before scheduling a consultation.

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In-Person & Online Training

The WBC strives to provide free or low cost trainings on Business Planning, Marketing & Sales, Management, Government Contracts, International Trade, and Finance.